Facilitating participation through governance structures

Donna Luckman • 10 June 2020

Thursday 3 October 2019

This is the third of a four part series sponsored by Sustainability Victoria and delivered by Community Power Agency. Webinar 3: Facilitating participation through governance structures.

Governance structures are a fundamental part of any community owned renewable energy project. Governance structures include both legal structure (e.g. cooperative, company, association) and “extra-legal” elements (e.g. policies, certifications, culture). This webinar will look at the influence of different governance structures and how this influences participation. In particular, we will look at different possible choices around membership limits, voting rights, quorum, surplus distribution, etc. and what is possible within different legal structures. It will also look at different legal and extra-legal options for protecting and embedding your mission and values over the lifetime of the project. The webinar will draw on Australian case study examples.