Network Opportunity Maps & AREMI

Donna Luckman • 10 June 2020

Webinar 12 December 2017

Finding the right site can be one of the hardest aspects of your community energy project. However in the digital age there are online tools that can help you with this challenging process. The Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF), together with Data61 with ARENA funding are extending Australia’s National Map platform (AREMI) to help renewable energy developers find the right project sites and de-risk their developments. This year new data layers are being added to give your greater visibility into finding the right place to connect.

This webinar will cover:

- Digital platforms, primarily AREMI, and useful Australian datasets to help in the site screening process

- A brief look at alternative mapping resources that may help you in your site search

- A strategy to help you filter and hone in on the right site - Understanding how to identifying site risks with first pass, and detailed assessment