Step 1: Five ways to get familiar with the site

Heather Admin • 30 June 2019

Here are 5 more ways you can get familiar with the site and the people helping build it:

1. If you are logged in you can post a message to someone, for example Heather can be messaged here.  

2. Messages show up in notifications (the bell shape in the top menu bar) and are emailed when account settings are set to do that. 


3. Also some people and groups may choose to show their email address and phone number on their profiles

4. When you explore groups, going to the “About” or “Members” tab clearly shows you who the group manager is.


  5. When you do a search, your results and search page will come up. This is also a useful way to search the users of this site.


Over time we will post up more names of people who are helping build communities and groups across this site.